War//Plague - Axegrinder split 7" (RSD exclusive)

War//Plague - Axegrinder split 7" (RSD exclusive)

A limited release for Record Store Day 2017
Each band is one track per side

Axegrinder - My plague queen
War//Plague - Disease

War//Plague combine elements of crust punk with a barrage of attacking drum hits, apocalyptic guitar riffs and vocals that are focused on the worlds horrors, self-centered materialism and shallow consumer garbage.

Axegrinder -
Initially a metallic crust punk band formed 1985/86 by Trev and Matt (members of Stone The Crowz) and Jel and Steve (both in The Proudhons). Their crust/thrash style was influenced by Amebix, but has also been compared to both Motörhead and Venom.