WAR//PLAGUE "Temperaments of War" Now Available

Image of WAR//PLAGUE "Temperaments of War" Now Available


This is the bands 6th release and consists of 4 songs on a 12" format. Organize and Arise is very limited on copies of this. Also comes with a digital download.

This particular album is laden with a barrage of punk and rage! WAR//PLAGUE have written 4 new songs where each song carries a specific anthem and sound dedicated to the subject at hand.
"A concept based on the philosophy of the Four Humors and how they tie into man's obsession with war"

Note -Scream Records and Mankind Disaster Records in Europe will have these available as well, so shipping should be cheaper if ordering from that side of the planet. Profane Existence is also partnered on this release, so check their site as well

A download code will be available via email once the order is taken.

First review of this release -

"Okay, shut it down – the year is officially over. We have the record of the year here, and it’s only April. War//Plague, the best modern crust band in the midwest (if not all of America), have brought forth what is easily their finest work to date. “Temperaments Of War” is their latest release, and is an absolute masterpiece. Without giving too much away, this is a concept record (without the prog-rock pretentions of the term, thankfully!), comparing the Four Humors to mankind’s obsession with war. This is a unique thematic approach, which hasn’t been explored through extreme music before. A much more interesting take on war and war culture than the countless dis-clone “war is bad/bodies burning” lyrics which have become a sad cliche these days.

For those not in the know, War//Plague build upon an impressive legacy of American crust, and bring to mind the glory days of the ’90s anarcho/crust scene, but without becoming another rehashed nostalgia band. The passion is there in every note, which you can feel from the minute the needle hits the record. War//Plague are the new standard-bearers of the crust movement."

(Damien Inbred)

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