WAR//PLAGUE 3 CD Discography + more

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WAR//PLAGUE 3 CD Discography + more

War//Plague "A Decade of Agony" 3 CD box set with almost 3 hours of music. This discography has every ounce of material the band has released to date including 2 bonus tracks from their upcoming full length album "Into the Depths". Along with demo material recorded at the House of Misery by Jon Misery. The CDs include all material from -

2 bonus tracks from their "Into the Depths" LP
"Carrion" 12"
"Disease" split 7" w/Axegrinder
"Forlorn" split 7" w/Warwound
"United in Darkness" split 7" with Vastation
"Temperaments of War" 4 song LP
"Primal" limited Edition 7"
"On a Darker Dawn" 12"
"Attrition" split LP w/Police Bastard
"Smolder" 7"
"Demo" recorded at House of MIsery

Packaging is a gold foil stamp which includes -
8 page booklet
1 enamel pin
1 sticker

All aspects of the box set were designed, laid out and assembled by the band...all the way down to the hand stamp on the disc sleeves.