DEVIATED INSTINCT "Liberty Crawls" 4 song 12"

Image of DEVIATED INSTINCT "Liberty Crawls" 4 song 12"


Deviated Instinct formed in 1984 and were a crucial pioneering band in the early British punk/metal scene. Along with bands like Antisect and The Amebix, Deviated Instinct’s music has influenced legions of bands and helped to define the sound we know today as “Crust”. This is their first new studio release in over 22 years. It’s everything fans have come to expect from Deviated Instinct and more. This album features four songs of epic proportions. Their sound on this record bridges the gap between d-beat style crust and heavy metallic doom. The songs are well thought out and skillfully played with top notch studio production. Includes a download card for a digital version plus extra bonus material. Orders will receive a random recycled colored vinyl. Profane Existence Records.